Course: Supernatural Identity

Financial Responsibilities

All students are expected to comply with their financial agreement form. Students may turn in tuition payments during school hours to any of the full time GLS staff.

supernatural identity course - $999.00

Student Payment Plan:

·      $25.00 Application Fee: This is non-refundable and does not apply towards tuition.

·      $200.00 Deposit: Due by Orientation on October 1. This is non-refundable and applies towards the total tuition.

·     $160 / monthly ACH Debits for remaining amount (NOV-MAR)

Financial Information

·      Tuition includes handouts, required reading, guest speakers, and registration for all required conferences. 

·      If a payment plan is needed, other than the one specified, the student must contact the director to make those arrangements. An additional fee will be assessed for individual payment plans.

·      A 5% discount on the tuition is offered to those who pay their tuition in full on or before the first day of school. A family-member tuition discount is offered to immediate family members of registered students. Each family member will receive a $50.00 discount with a $100.00 maximum discount per family.

·      Method of payments include cash, check, or charge card.

Please Note: Students that have not met their financial responsibilities will not be eligible for GLS/Generation ONE ministry trips and opportunities


Upon graduation, you will receive one of the following:

Certificate of Completion - All homework turned in, tuition paid, attendance requirements met.  

Certificate of Participation - Any of the three core expectations of homework, tuition, or attendance not met.