Generation ONE Leadership School is designed to lay a foundation for you as a student to go through a process of solidifying your identity, gaining revelation on Kingdom benefits, experiencing the tangibility of God working through you, and catalyzing personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation. Students will be taken through life changing opportunities as they encounter God worshipfully in His presence and in relationship with our dynamic tribe of leaders. Our pursuit of family and safety for taking risk is supported by Revival Group Pastors and an excellent staff. Students are taught from the highest caliber teachers that have been personally invited to invest in the new generation being raised through this school. Apostolic leaders from around the United States and the world are being pursued as guest faculty, as well as the pastoral staff of Generation ONE.

Each track is designed to walk you step by step from pauper to prince, from information to transformation, from dream to reality, from success to significance. The outcome is that awakened people actually reform the world around them by using kingdom solutions to solve society’s greatest problems. To catalyze personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation in all spheres of influence. Supernatural Identity emphasizes the foundation of Identity and a supernatural lifestyle, Impact activates you to disciple nations through societal reformation, and Frame is designed to help build a life plan to manifest your calling and God’s dream for you as a world changer. The year’s tuition will cover expenses of speakers brought as guest faculty, operations / administration of the school and other opportunities as outlined in the registration material. 


Sons and Daughters who can sustain world changer living. This school is created to take you to deeper and higher places with the Lord. To encounter His presence in new ways and be transformed by His love and goodness. Our vision for you is that you would be transformed and then go and transform the world around you. For you to learn how to commune with Holy Spirit in a way where you’re getting fresh vision and solutions for the world around you every day. 


As Christians, we were never meant to stay inside the church or to keep our encounters with God to ourselves. God gives us a taste of how good He really is, and we are compelled by love to give that away to others. We want you to be so deeply transformed that your life organically overflows onto the lives of your neighbors and coworkers. We are awaking your David heart, Joseph Favor, Nehemiah Focus and Daniel Mind. 


Our 3 tracks are designed to take you on a journey with God from a deeply grounded identity to practical application and activation in the supernatural, and lastly, creating a life plan that will push you forward into your destiny. We have weekly classes, monthly outreaches, and monthly revival groups that will propel you into accelerated growth. 


GLS is deeply rooted in revival culture. This culture honors and values the manifest presence of God. We refuse to go anywhere or do anything without Him. Though encountering the presence of God, we begin to overflow with hope, joy, honor, generosity, and wisdom in every circumstance. The father heart of God becomes manifest in us to see the world through his eyes. Personal revival empowers us to disciple nations and reform our city/neighborhood/business. 


We hope for you to leave GLS knowing you are fully equipped for whatever God puts in front of you. That you would no longer live as an orphan, but a son or daughter, and take that revelation into your everyday life. GLS will take you from what to why, dream to reality, consumer to contributor, and from information to transformation. 



1. Supernatural Identity


The Supernatural Identity track is designed to establish your identity as a son or daughter and help you sustain a supernatural lifestyle. At the end of the year, you will have a confidence in who you are and what you can do like never before.  Our biblical curriculum will deepen your understanding of the nature of God as we explore topics such as sonship, healing, prophecy, five fold ministry, revival history, intimacy with God, worship, power evangelism, shaping culture and so much more.  Our teachers, curriculum, revival group pastors and community will create a safe place for you to encounter God in ways that will ignite the dream God had when He made you.  Our desire for you is that you would be captured with the 
message of the kingdom that heaven would come to earth.  


Your Supernatural Identity experience at GLS will be focused on you encountering God. These encounters will be fostered in worship, biblical teaching, activations, outreach and in  small groups.  


2. Impact: Discipling Nations


The Impact track is designed to catalyze personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation in all spheres of influence. At the end of the year, you will be equipped to both practically and supernaturally transform the world around you by using kingdom solutions to solve society’s greatest problems. Our biblical curriculum will stretch you to dream God sized dreams for the nations with practical development to give you courage, tools, and experience to take steps towards it. Our teachers boast amazing credentials as leaders in churches, non-profits and business. Our desire for you is that you would harness how to apply your supernatural destiny into your God-given sphere of influence that heaven would come to earth.  


Your Impact experience will be focused on encountering God and being catalyzed from that place of intimacy into transforming society.  Biblical Teaching, Revival Groups, and Outreaches in the city of Detroit will be featured.  


3. Frame


The Frame track is designed to build a life plan to map your supernatural destiny.  At the end of the year, you will have great courage to begin taking actual steps to realize your purpose through this fluid map.  Our biblical curriculum will feature the great patriarchs of faith as guides to see our own potential story arc while developing practical tools. The student’s custom life map will be built on the cornerstones of support system, personal development of your greatest dreams, prophetic words and managing your resources. The direct mentoring and life map will build vision for your life that you would realize your potential to disciple nations, rebuild cities, shape culture, raise families, or reform institutions.


Your Frame experience will be focused on encountering God with confidence to live your destiny.  Biblical Teaching, Direct Mentoring, Small Group Leadership, and GLS internships are sure to prepare you to be the best version of you.