Generation ONE Leadership School is designed to lay a foundation for you as a student to go through a process of solidifying your identity, gaining revelation on Kingdom benefits, experiencing the tangibility of God working through you, and catalyzing personal revival within you for the cause of societal reformation. Students will be taken through life changing opportunities as they encounter God worshipfully in His presence and in relationship with our dynamic tribe of leaders. 

We hope for you to leave GLS knowing you are fully equipped for whatever God puts in front of you. That you would no longer live as an orphan, but a son or daughter, and take that revelation into your everyday life. GLS will take you from what to why, dream to reality, consumer to contributor, and from information to transformation.




IMPACT: Discipling Nations will mobilize you as a reformer to bring transformation to people in everyday society, so they can also partake in the abundant life Jesus promised us.

OCTOBER 2018-MAY 2019

Supernatural Identity

The supernatural moving in your life doesn't mean you look like Jesus, but you cant look like Jesus without having the supernatural as part of your life. 

COMING 2019-2020


You are a builder that is framing a world around you. It takes courage to be proactive in building foundations in your support system, your perspective, and your resources.

COMING 2019-2020